Your Do It Yourself Organic Lawn Care Plan

Your Do-It-Yourself Organic Lawn Care Plan is achievable; it’s not just a pie in the sky idea to make you feel good about yourself. There are many simple things that you can do that will cost you little or no money. Some of these things you may already be doing, if not they are easy to do.

We already talked about the importance of a soil test and how to do and interpret your soil test results. I also provided an excellent new “Do-It-Yourself” Organic Lawn Care Program to get your lawn back on the organic track again.

I believe in aerating your lawn in the spring and fall especially if you can’t afford to top dress your lawn. I have a larger lawn (almost an acre) and I know that it is so hard to find good compost in large amounts that isn’t full of weeds. (buying it buy the bag @ $20.00 that only covers a few square feet is not economically feasible)

By aerating your lawn you are in a sense adding a thin layer of compost as long as you use a core aerator that pulls out and leaves the plugs on top of the lawn. By leaving the plugs on the lawn to dissolve with rainfall or mulch them up with your mower you will organically be putting a thin layer of compost on your lawn.

At the same time you are aerating your lawn another excellent organic minded thing to do is over seed your lawn . By seeding your lawn at the same time as aerating you are providing your lawn with a one, two punch.

When you aerated your Lawn you increased its’ fertility because a lawn needs air, water to survive and flourish. Soil that lacks air circulation can result in slower growth, excess water run off, a shallow root system and a lawn that is more susceptible to insects, disease and heat stress.

So to continue, seeding now will be much more successful. Grass seeds can become established much quicker, (especially if the spring and fall are your wetter seasons) thereby thickening your lawn and choking out weeds before they can become more established.

What if the rain never comes? Well that means you may want to water your lawn to help get that grass seed you invested in, to sprout and grow. Always ensure to water properly to avoid any unnecessary waste of such an important resource.

Another good practise to add to Your Do It Yourself Organic Lawn Care Plan is mowing your lawn in an organic friendly way. It all boils down to recycle your lawn clippings back into your lawn (which also provides a 100% natural fertilizer back on to your for free) and to cut your lawn on a higher setting than you are probably using right now. For most lawns 3” should be the minimum average height your lawn should be cut at.

When it comes to weeds have more tolerance, if there are only a few weeds pull them out by hand (unless your lawn is overcome with weeds). Instead put your time and effort into preventative measures such as we have just talked about.