Snowblower Parts-Skid Shoes

Snowblower Parts-skid shoes, when it comes to snowblowers, parts come in various shapes and sizes depending on the size of your blower. As you can see in the above picture the skid shoe on the left is for Toro 1028 blower, on the right is a skid shoe for a MTD 28″ snowblower.

Please note that the skid shoe for the Toro can be flipped around 180 degrees so that the entire top and bottom of the shoe can be used. This gives you 2 times the amount of use for your hard earned dollar.

Below is a heavy duty universal snowblower skid shoe that fits most MTD blower models, it can also be turned 180 degrees to use both ends of the shoe.

Please note that when new shoes are added that you need to adjust the height above the ground at which your snowblower will blow snow.

Above is a side view of a skid shoe adjusted, note bottom of blower housing is not level with the ground.

If you are using the snowblower on a gravel driveway ensure that your shoe and scraper bar need to be set up a bit to ensure that you aren’t throwing gravel.

As well if the snowblower is going to be used on paved surfaces only that the shoe/scraper bar are set so they ride on the ground to ensure you don’t have to go back and shovel the 1/2″ of snow left behind.

I hope this helps with your snowblower parts-skid shoes.