Snowblower Maintenance-Axles

Snowblower Maintenance-Axles is next on our easy to do tips list. It involves greasing the axles of your blower. By greasing the axles you are keeping a protective layer of lubrication between your snowblower wheel hubs and the metal axle shafts thereby preventing moisture from penetrating and pitting both metal parts.

Failure to keep the axles greased will also allow metal on metal friction to build up creating scratches, further premature deterioration of the axles as well as unnecessary stress placed on other drive components.

A general grade outdoor grease used for farm equipment and bearing lubrication will do the job nicely.

First to perform the shaft greasing find a block of wood or other material to support the side of the blower you are working on keeping it off the ground enough to let the tire spin freely. Locate the axle pins (or axle bolts) at the end of the axle shaft and remove the pin.

The tire should with little effort slide towards you when pulled and off the axle shaft. Set the snowblower tire aside. Apply grease to the shaft, if using a grease gun then apply 2 or 3 beads of grease along the length of the axle shaft should be enough.

Snowblower Maintenance-Axles is easy to to do

If you are applying it by hand from a small tub then use a clean unused rag and pull out the equivalent of a small sized egg and spread it evenly over the shaft with the rag.

Place wheel back on axle shaft, slide wheel back and forth slowly the length of the shaft a few times to help squeeze out any excess grease to the ends of the shafts. Wipe away excess grease from ends of the axle.

Replace axle pins (or axle bolts) to the previous positions on the axle shaft and repeat same procedure for the other wheel and axle on your snowblower.

Once you have completed Snowblower Maintenance-Axles make sure to dispose of the used rag in a proper manner.