organic lawn care

Using Organic Lawn Care methods is now in fashion as there are now more than 50 million acres of lawns in North America, as well as millions more worldwide and the majority are treated with artificial (synthetic) growth and lawn pest control products.

It is now more than ever believed that these products have very harmful ingredients in their make up that affect us, our pets, other wildlife, earth and water in many detrimental ways.

Fortunately there is an alternative; a Positive one that will still give you a lawn to be proud of, without the use of toxic chemicals.

This environmentally friendly practise is known as Organic Lawn Care.

But what is Organic Lawn Care? Essentially it is the practise of taking care of ones’ lawn without any use of synthetic chemicals in keeping the lawn weed free and green.

By practising organic lawn care you will be providing yourself with a picturesque lawn, that is thriving, green and it will be a safe place for yourself, your children and pets alike.

So what really does organic mean when it comes to lawn care products? The definition when choosing lawn care products should be, a non synthetic source that is made up from a once living organism be it animal, plant or their creation (such as waste).

There is more than just the positive environmental aspect of using these organic methods to treat our lawns, there are even greater benefits to going organic, which is how organic lawn care methods work.

Synthetic fertilizers and weed control products tend to treat only what you see above ground, the actual grass blades or the weed leaves. They produce quick often short lived results that require multiple applications per season just to keep your lawn controlled.

Choosing to use the organic method in caring for your lawn will require a different approach. Much more attention is paid to rejuvenating and improving the soil base of your lawn. Over time as your soil base improves your lawn will thrive, grass will grow much thicker and become more resistant to weather, weeds or other pests.

Organic lawn care does require more time and will be more costly to achieve most desired results. Of course this depends on the current state of your lawn as each of live in different parts of the world with different soil bases.