Operating a Lawn Care Business.

Have you given any thought to what it’s really going to be like Operating a Lawn Care Business?

You are going to have to be the someone that is willing to get up early, work all day sometimes 12 hours a day in with the sun beating down on you in the 100 degrees Fahrenheit humidity. If so read on you’ve past the first test.

Are you a quitter? Do you stop after the first setback that comes along? I hope not, as a Business owner you’re going to have to days that are great and very profitable but there will be those days that you won’t be able to believe that all these things can go wrong all in one day.

Are you able to admit to yourself that you don’t know everything and that you will seek out help as needed?

You are much better off building your business with a team approach than just “you”, wearing all the different hats so to speak.

This means doing and knowing all the up to date rules for bookkeeping, collecting and filing taxes. Let’s not forget are you a small engine mechanic? (if you are one great) If not then having some one you can trust to work on your equipment will be an extremely important asset.

What about insurance? How many types does your business really need? Having someone you can trust sure will save you some money and still cover your business when you need it.

Operating a Lawn Care Business can be successful

So where do you to begin. The first thing to ask yourself is a lawn care business a good business to start? To find out let’s look at the answers to the following questions:

1. Can you start full or part-time? Yes, so you can find out whether or not you enjoy doing it before you quit an existing job or invest too much money in it.

2. Is it a type of business that is flexible? Yes it is, a Lawn Care Business is service where you go to the customer, provide the agreed upon service then travel to the next customer.

You can have the ability to add or remove services new services to the basic service of lawn care as needed.

As opposed to a retail store or a manufacturing business where for the most part the type of business products you offer are fixed. An example of this in retail would be a pet food store.

The pet store won’t sell kids clothing or a brand name manufacturer won’t make running shoes then change and make gas snow blowers.

3. Is this business one that can be started at a low cost? Yes, all you need is a used gas powered push mower, a used gas powered trimmer and a couple of gas cans and a means of transporting these few pieces of equipment around to your different customer locations.

4. Does this type of business offer repeat business from each customer or is it one that requires you to always be looking for the next customer? Yes, there sure is repeat business and in most areas twenty or more cuts per customer a season year after year.

5. Is it in demand? You bet there are lawns everywhere you look and many of them are being cared for by a Lawn Care Business. Remember that its’ not just homes, its factories and strip malls as well.

People who are responsible for the property don’t want to or are unable to mow the lawn. The baby boomers, those people currently in their late fifties and sixties have a large part of the disposable income available and they are spending it on ways to make their life easier.

If you could afford to pay someone else to cut your lawn would you? You bet you would and so are they as well as those seniors 70’s and older that are physically unable to look after their lawns but don’t want to move an apartment or retirement home.

6. Can the business be duplicated so that you can train others to work in your place? Yes it is. The basics can be taught in a day and with a few weeks practice a person could be trained.

All these reasons make Operating a Lawn Care Business sound very appealing but is there any money to be made? Of course, but you need to make sure you’re charging enough to make a profit.

How’s that done? Well you will need to make a Lawn Care Business Plan. This plan will help you focus on getting all issues regarding starting business, operating, estimating, setting future goals, and financing that you get the money you will need to grow the business.