Cobourg Lawn Care

A local Cobourg Lawn Care and Snow Service Business Reaches a Milestone, Baxter’s Four Seasons Services Inc. has proudly served residents of Cobourg, Baltimore and Southern Rice Lake for 20 years, a number not many other independent lawn care and snow service businesses can claim.

Baxter’s opened for business in 1992, is owned and operated by Greg Baxter, who was born and grew up in Cobourg. Being a local boy greatly helped when starting out those many years ago.

Parents, grandparents and friends were a wealth of help, support and referrals back in those days.

Being prompt, providing a quality service allowed him to charge a reasonable rate and grow his business to more than 100 customers serviced on a weekly basis. It takes a lot of organization and trial and error to get things down to an efficient profitable system, which Greg still uses today.

Baxter’s Four Seasons Services Inc. over the last 5 years expanded it list of services from lawn cutting, spring/fall cleanup, dump runs, eaves trough clean out, residential snow clearing… and now offers seasonal fertilizing programs, over seeding lawns as well as lawn aeration.

Greg attributes his business longevity to being friendly, honest and treating his customers properties as if they were his own. Using newer lawn care industry technology as it appears, such as the zero turn riding mower greatly increases productivity and reduces manpower thereby increasing profitability.

Recent changes in the economy have greatly increased competition in this industry, not just locally but on a national scale. Many of those just starting out provide similar services at next to no cost without realizing all the costs involved in running an “above board” business and find out sometimes after it is too late that they are not charging enough to make ends meet at the end of the day.

Greg’s suggestion to those thinking about getting into this type of business… make sure you don’t do the job for next to free just to get the job, once you have set your prices so low it is harder to raise them to where they should be in order to pay the bills and have some money still set aside for retirement.

Build your own brand without riding on the coat tails of other businesses or infringing on the business names of others as this can be costly in the long run. Be yourself and set yourself apart from your competition is your best bet for success.

Greg would like to thank the hundreds of customers over these many years for their patronage, referrals and friendship that has made these years successful and an enjoyable profession.

Baxter’s Four Seasons Services Inc. can be reached at 905-342-9469, email [email protected] or online at