Lawn Care Business Flyer

Your Lawn Care Business Flyer is another important piece in your Marketing plan. It is also a very cost efficient way of getting the word out about your Lawn Care Business. All it takes is the proper appearance and a few well chosen words to make your flyer stand out from the rest.

Designing your flyer to be the one that gets the call from the potential customer is a simple, doable process. First lets discuss what a well thought out Lawn Care Business Flyer should include.

Your Lawn Care Business Flyer needs a call to action or reason for the customer to call, all your contact information (cell, e-mail or website), a list of your services that you wish to promote (it could be all of them or just one depending on the season), it must have a professional looking design that ties in with the rest of your Marketing ( logo, business cards, vehicle lettering or website ) and it must be simple and easy to read.

All right lets begin with the call to action for the customer. This call to action can come in many ways; it might be a beginning of the season special that expires on a certain date, a limited number of spaces available for new customers or even new unique service that can only be performed for a short period of time such as spring lawn aeration.

It should be worded in a motivational way with words that sell such as Call Today for Special Prices, Prices as Low As, Free, Affordable, Guaranteed, Exclusive, Save Money as well as many more. Make a few variations first to be sure you are happy with how the flyer looks and how it reads to the potential customer.

Here are a couple example Lawn Care Business Flyer designs that you can use as a staring point.Remember you should have your logo on all your marketing material. The logo on my example flyers is Professional Lawn Care Services and all other Marketing Materials are green on white.

And here’s another design.

Notice they both contain the same information, one emphasizes the company first, on the other the service to be performed is first. Your business name if chosen properly should tell potential customers what your business does. This point alone will help you greatly, for more information go to Law Care Business Names.

Your Lawn Care Business Flyer must look professional remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression, be sure it’s a good one.

This Flyer must also have your contact information. Double check to make sure all the numbers are correct and easy to read, if not all this is wasted money as no one will be able to reach you.

Make sure All your marketing including Your Lawn Care Business Flyer looks the same

Does your flyer have the same look and feel as the rest of your marketing parts such as Your Lawn Care Business Cards and Your lawn Care logos? It should so that every time someone sees your business image it will become more memorable to them. So that when some one says “Do you know anyone that mows Lawns?” they’ll remember your Lawn Care Company.

When I say look and feel I am talking about colors, text font styles and tag line (your unique business slogan) all being consistent.

Here a one of my general flyers that I put up at corner store bulletin boards in neighbourhoods that I am looking to get more customers.

Notice as in the flyers above that all the necessary information to “get the call” is on these flyers.

When it comes to printing I usually just make a few copies from my colour inkjet to put up at the local corner stores.

If you are going to go door to door and use this as a large scale means of advertising then I would just take your master copy from your printer and have a local copy centre the hundred or thousand that you need for a much lower price then printing them yourself.

If You keep these simple points in mind when putting together your flyer will have a far greater chance of getting that call to quote and after all that’s what it’s all about.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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