Lawn Mower Safety Tips

In the first case a child may use a lawn mower in the second he should not.

Lawn Mower Safety tips are something we all should take the time to learn and remember. It all should start with something most of us never do when we buy a lawn mower. Read the owners manual.

In this manual you find important information about many things including special safety tips that apply specifically to the piece of lawn mower equipment you have purchased. Read it over and commit it to memory. Here are some universal Lawn Mower Safety Tips that apply every time you mow a lawn.

Never allow children to operate a lawn mower – the child should be at least 12 years old and mature enough to understand lawn mower safety. In many areas there are laws forbidding children under certain ages from operating lawn mowers. Please check with your local police department for local laws that apply in your area.

Always wear safety glasses – too many times people go out to mow their lawns and the sun is out, shining brightly and they would rather put a hat on to keep the sun out of their eyes instead of wearing safety glasses (remember that safety glasses don’t have to look like those old, clear, uncomfortable ones that use to have an elastic strap on them to keep them from falling off your head) Now there are all kinds of comfortable cool looking safety glasses that look just like sun glasses.

Always wear proper footwear – never ever mow your lawn in sandals (or bare feet), if you value your toes. Sandals provide no safety at all and little support when pushing a lawn mower. Running shoes are only slightly better than sandals. You need a boot (the best option is steel toed work boots, although I rarely see anyone using them) that has a thick sole and is tall enough that it can be laced and tied above the ankle. This is to provide you with some stability and support while pushing or walking behind that mower.

Always wear ear protection – what? Always wear ear protection. It doesn’t have to be those big, bulky, ugly, ear muffs (although I found a comfortable pair, that when I wear them I don’t even realize that their on). Nowadays there are inexpensive ear plugs that will do the job nicely. Some lawn mower engines are extremely loud and when you are operating the mower you are at most only a couple of feet away from that noise maker.

Always inspect the lawn before mowing– for debris or objects that don’t belong on the lawn such as branches, garbage or children’s toys. Remember that it is much easier to bend down and pick up one small piece of paper than it is to mow over it and go back and try to pick up 100 tiny shreds of paper.

Always keep people away from the mowing area – if you have kids (or anyone else for that matter) the rule is if you are mowing the front lawn, they go to the back yard, then we switch areas until the lawn has been completely finished. If this does not appeal to them then ask them to watch from inside the house. There is always a risk of the lawn mower throwing a hard object out the grass discharge shoot and seriously hurting someone. Not to mention the additional to the mower operator.

Following Lawn Mower Safety Tips saves lives

Some more very important lawn mower safety tips, Always use a mower that has a blade break or dead man switch – this is to prevent the mower operator from being able to walk away from the mower and leave it running. On a push mower this prevents any chance of getting fingers cut by getting hands near discharge chute. The blade will stop turning when grip of the blade brake bar is released. On riding mowers a dead mans switch is a feature that prevents a blades from turning unless the mower operator is firmly sitting on the seat. If this person was to get of the mower the blades will stop turning.

Always make sure shields or guards are attached and in working order – these safety measures were put there for a reason, to protect innocent bystanders from being hit by flying debris. Do Not remove them. If you don’t like the trails of grass that they may cause when you are mowing your lawn, then install a mulching plug. By using a plug you are recycling your grass clippings. These clippings when mulched, (instead of shot out the side) decompose at a much faster rate, thereby returning much needed nutrients back into the lawn at a faster rate.

Always store gasoline in an approved container – these approved containers are built to contain the fuel. Gasoline is a liquid, but it also gives off potentially explosive fumes. These fumes expand and contract according to external factors such as temperature and exposure to sunlight. This is the reason for the small release cap on the top of the can. By tightening this smaller cap until it is closed then backing it off 1 complete turn you will allow the gas can to breathe thereby preventing any built up fumes. This is why storing fuel in other container such as glass or plastic bottles is a safety hazard.

Never wear loose fitting clothing when mowing a lawn – this is to ensure that you don’t get any loose clothing to come in contact with any of the mowers moving parts such as the fly wheel or blades under the deck. This also applies to any long hair; it should be tired back or put under a hat to prevent it from being caught.

Never point grass discharge chute towards any nearby vehicle or home windows – always point the discharge chute away from the driveway, street or house. Instead for at least 3 passes point the chute out into the center of the lawn. Or use a mulching plug. By doing this you may save money from broken glass or insurance claims.

Never reach under a mower when it is running – you would only do it once, then where would your fingers be?

Never operate any lawn care equipment under the influence of drugs or alcohol – there are too many things at stake. The job never looks as good as you thought it did, once you sober up. Mow it sober, drink or whatever when it’s over. (kinda catchy eh!)

Never smoke while mowing a lawn – the heater may interact with fumes from the gas tank or it may fall off, land on the mower and interact with any spilled fuel and boom!

Never smoke while filling a lawn mower with fuel– there are fumes every time you take the cap off the fuel can. What you can’t see will kill you!

Never fill a lawn mower gas tank in an enclosed area – even if you don’t smoke, fuel fumes build up and are trapped, the slightest spark in that area and boom! (this includes enclosed trailers, garages or sheds)

Never fill a lawn mower gas tank when the engine is running or hot – the spark from the spark plug, when the engine is running is waiting for any idiot that wants to end their life, boom! If the engine is still hot there is still a risk of explosion.

Never store gas cans in an enclosed area – the build up of fumes is waiting for a spark or any ignition source such as a cigarette.

Never run a lawn mower in an enclosed area – the fumes from the running engine creates carbon monoxide which is a deadly odorless gas that when inhaled over a short period of time will kill you.

Here are some more lawn mower safety tips, Never work on a lawn mower unless the spark plug wire has been removed from the spark plug – by doing this you are eliminating any chance of the motor starting unexpectedly because if the is no spark there is chance of the engine starting and you cutting yourself.

Never allow riders other than the operator on a riding lawn mower – you need all your attention to be on the job at hand. There are too many bad things that can happen. People can fall off and get hurt not to mention be mowen over. A riding lawn mower is not a toy. If the kids want something to ride take them to a go kart track.

Never listen to music or other distractions while mowing – again you need all your attention to be on the job at hand, not zoning out thinking about being somewhere else.

Never mow steep hills if the lawn is wet– even the best work boots will not provide enough traction to prevent you from slipping, wrenching an ankle, losing control of the mower (and possibly having it fall on top of you). Wait until it has dried before attempting to mow it.

These Lawn Mower Safety Tips are listed her for you, your families and your neighbours protection please take them seriously as they may save you from property damage, missing body parts or even someone’s life, your own. 

Lawn Mower Safety Tips, don’t take them for granted.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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