Free Lawn Care Advertising-Craigslist

To begin your Free Lawn Care Advertising-Craigslist. Start by typing in craigslist. The top result should be the main home page, click on it. Once there locate the nearest major population center and click on it. Now you are there then find the services section. In my service section there is a place for farm and garden services as well as small biz ads.

I’m not sure which would be better for you, take a look at the ads already posted in these categories to see if any similar lawn care business listings exist. To me farm and garden services is closer to being descriptive to our industry than small biz ads. I suggest go where your competitors are.

After choosing your category then go back to main page and in the upper left corner click on post to classifieds, a page with the question what type of posting is this?, select services offered. Then choose your service, I chose farm and garden services, click it.

Criagslist will then tell you to set up an account if you don’t already have one. Click on the highlighted Craigslist account link. It will then ask you if you have an existing account if you don’t then click on the Click here to sign up link. Submit your valid email address and input the manual code in the re captcha window and hit create account. Boom you have an account once you activate it from your e-mail address provided.

After opening up the activation link in your e-mail from Craigslist you are asked to create a password, do so then login. It may tell you that the type of ad you wish to post must be verified by phone. Don’t let this worry you will only takes a couple of minutes and once it’s done it is a one time only thing.

After you have been verified then continue with posting. Use similar info. For posting title and enter your exact location. Choose whether to show or hide your e-mail then input your ad info as you did for Kijji.

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