Lawn Mower Maintenance tip-clean mower

Lawn Mower Maintenance tip-clean mower is due your best to keep the lawn mower clean. By keeping underneath the deck clean of grass clippings, sticks, mud, dirt etc. you will be allowing the mower to have the air space underneath the deck it needs for the blades to do their job of pulling the grass blades up straight as they are cut (this helps give your lawn that professional even looking cut).

Also by keeping the underside of the deck clean you are also keeping the engine cool as there are normally areas under the deck that expose the bottom of the engine to air flow. This air flow created by the rapid turning of the mower blades act as a fan blowing cooler air onto the bottom of the engine.

Taking Care of the top of your mower is just as important when it comes to your Lawn Mower Maintenance tip-Clean mower

By keeping the top of the mower clean from the build up of dirt you are also helping to keep the engine running cooler. There are cooling fins on the external part of the motor which help to dissipate heat from the engine. This helps keep the engine running cooler. The fins on the picture below are beside and below the spark plug. These fins will vary in number and location depending on the manufacturer.

Also by keeping the top of the mower clean you will be able to notice any oil leaks as dirt/dust will be attracted to any exposed oil. I use a power washer to clean my equipment. It does a much more efficient quicker job and prolongs the life of your mower which means it will make you more money if you are in the lawn care business or save you money if you are a home owner as you will get more seasons out of your investment, prolonging the need to purchase a new one or spend alot of money on your old one.

I hope this helps to answer your lawn mower maintenance tip-clean mower.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green! 

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