Weather and Global Warming

When it comes to all aspects of Lawn Care Weather and Global Warming plays an enormous role in how well our lawns survive and prosper. Now in the bigger picture Global Warming (or Climate Change) is now a reality, not to admit this is a mistake and one that may cost you in the long run should you decide to neglect this fact.

There is an enormous amount if data out there coming from all walks of life, pointing to the fact that it is happening. I myself being in the lawn care business for over 21 years now, have watched it greatly change the weather patterns where I live and operate my business. It has largely affected my sales over the last few years.

In my part of the world (Southern Ontario, Canada) I have seen precipitation levels drop, longer heat waves, any form of rain disappear for sometimes 2-3 months at a time over the summer months. All of which negatively effect lawns, as all lawns need some amount of precipitation on a regular basis.

So what are we to do as weather patterns change? This is a tough question as our governments try to discuss a global plan of action regarding Global Warming and the effects it has on weather around the world.

As individuals we need to find ways to go about our lives trying to be as “green” (eco-friendly) as we can, also to instil a desire in our youth to continue care about what is going on around them.

Thankfully there has been a lot of action being taken to get everyone to do what they can such as the documentary that most of us have seen called “An Inconvenient Truth” put forward by Al Gore.

Another excellent documentary has given Global Warming the attention it deserves is the series produced by the B.B.C. in 2006 called

Planet Earth. This series covers all aspects of the earth and how we are all tied together and any action taken by one group (humans) affects every other ecosystem to greater or lesser degrees. By doing things such as cutting down the Amazon rain forest we are taking away precious habitat for thousands of species of animals, even forcing some to the brink of extinction.

These documentaries act almost as a guide to Weather and Global Warming, giving us an overview as to what’s happening to our world and all its’ creatures.

Weather and Global Warming effects Us All

This cutting down of the rain forest affects all of us around the world as the forest shrinks so does its ability to clean the air by producing oxygen.

Lawn Care is no different; we continue to use pesticides that pollute our ground water that we all need to survive. We are turning large tracks woods and farmers fields that provide oxygen into parking lots and malls that radiate heat from the sun.

Theses large urban areas change the micro climate in that region, making it warmer, by reducing the number of lawns and green space that help to cool the earth. So what can we do for our lawns? Keep the healthy as possible and try to find ways to keep them maintained the most environmentally economic way possible.

To do this will mean doing things slightly different according to where each of us live. For most of us Global Warming means warmer temperature for longer periods of time and usually means less precipitation.

For most Cool grasses this spells disaster as heat stress and drought are not appreciated by these types of grasses. This makes the