Snowblower Parts-Scraper Bar

Replacing your Snowblower Parts-Scraper Bar when it is worn will give you a cleaner job. If you continue to use your snowblower when the scraper bar is worn you will get a uneven job while trying to blow paved or smooth surface driveways and walkways.

This will cause you to go back and have to go over blown areas with your shovel to provide a satisfactory job. Why do a job twice when it is unnecessary?

In the above picture it may not look like much has been worn on the snowblower part-scraper bar when they are put beside a new scraper bar.

But it becomes very evident when shown in the close up below just how much can be used up after blowing many smooth surface driveways.

Changing the scraper bar on your snowblower is not a hard task and can be done by removing the nuts and bolts from the scraper bar as well as both ends of the blower housing.

Then remove the worn bar and replace it with a matching size new bar, put the bolts and nuts on in reverse order and adjust the height of the bar so that it is 1/8″ above the surface of the driveway to be cleaned.

When adjusting the height you may also need to loosen the skid shoes on the sides of the blower housing as well. This will ensure all the components that ride on the driveway are level, giving you the best possible setting to get as close to pavement.

The price of these scraper bars has doubled in the last few years so make sure you set them properly to get the most use possible and save yourself some money.

I hope this helps with your snowblower parts-scraper bar.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” Keep Your Driveways and side walks Snow Free.

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