Snowblower Parts-Muffler

 When looking to buy Snowblower Parts-Muffler it is best to buy O.E.M. parts. You will get more use from these original Tecumseh parts.

Also when buying a new muffler have a look at the muffler bolts, are the threads in good shape?

But how do you know that it is time to replace your snowblower muffler?

There are a few indications to look for. First tip that the muffler is on its’ way out is when the snowblower is running it is extremely loud!, much louder than normal.

Another sign that the muffler should be replaced is that it will glow red hot in the centre where the exhaust holes are in the snowblower muffler. You may even notice what may seem to be super hot exhaust coming from the muffler when the blower is running.

Turn blower off, wait for it to cool and then replace the muffler. You will have to remove the shroud surrounding the muffler. It is not hard to do. There should be only a couple of bolts.

Make sure that when you remove the old muffler to look to see if there is a gasket. If so then you may need to get a new gasket as well. This gasket will ensure that the new muffler will fit tight enough to the engine.

Some newer snowblower don’t have a gasket as the muffler is meant to fit tightly to the engine block.

Make sure when you are tightening the muffler bolts that you take your time and make sure that the bolts are going in straight. It is quite easy to ruin the threads (and the block as well) as these bolts are extremely long.

I hope this helps with your snowblower parts-muffler.

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