Snowblower Parts-Belts

You should always keep a spare set of Snowblower Parts-Belts.

That’s because once one of these belts wears,splits and breaks apart then your snowblower will not work at all. If it is the drive belt that goes then you may not be able to get your blower on the truck or trailer that you have to get it to the snowblower mechanic.

These belts are not that expensive to have on hand and buy buying them before you need them then you will avoid disappointment that may come by waiting until they break and finding out that they are on back order and will be a week before they are in.

This has happened to me before and I now always have spares on hand just in case. Consult your snowblower manual to ensure that you order the proper sized belts for your machine.

On most snowblowers there is an auger belt and a drive belt. In the case of some MTD snowblowers there may be two auger belts (both will be the same size). These auger belts are usually the larger of the two belt sizes.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” Keep Your Driveways and side walks Snow Free.

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