Snowblower Maintenance

When it comes to Snowblower Maintenance there are quiet a few things that the average “do it yourself-er” can do from the comfort of your own garage or back shed. Most of these maintenance tips don’t require a lot of specialized tools or a lot of extra money.

First and most importantly your blower needs oil, be it a single stage 2 cycle snowblower that uses a gas and oil mixture to power and lubricate it (engine parts) or a dual stage 4 stoke blower that uses gas and oil but in separate compartments and in 4 cycle engines the oil needs checking and changing .

Another easy to do maintenance tip is periodic replacement of the spark plug . The spark plug can be easily located on the top of the engine block by looking for a rubber coated wire coming out from the motor. The spark plug wire cap fits tightly on the end of the spark plug itself.

Next on our easy to do Snowblower maintenance tips is greasing the axles of your blower . By greasing the axles you are keeping a protective layer of lubrication between your snowblower wheel hubs and the metal axle shafts thereby preventing moisture from penetrating and pitting both metal parts.

Another often overlooked maintenance tip is to inspect and clean the Friction wheel and Traction pulley. . These two parts are the key (transmission) or drive components that ensure your blower moves responsively to the gear selections you make.

One of the simplest snowblower maintenance tips that is rarely mentioned but can cause great frustration when it brakes is the starter recoil rope . This recoil rope is what you pull on each time you want to start your blower and you are not equipped with an electric start option or near an electrical outlet for the electrical start.

By performing these Snowblower Maintenance tips you will ensure many hours of problem free snow blowing.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” Keep Your Driveways and side walks Snow Free.

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