Snowblower Maintenance-Spark Plug

Another easy to do Snowblower Maintenance-Spark Plug tip is periodic replacement of the plug. The spark plug can be easily located on the top of the engine block by looking for a rubber coated wire coming out from the motor.

The spark plug wire cap fits tightly on the end of the spark plug itself.

Remove the plug cap and you will see one end of the spark plug. To remove the spark plug you will need a special spark plug socket (if you own a ratchet and socket set) which has a rubber gasket inside the socket to prevent cracking the plug when removing or installing it.

If you don’t own a socket set then a spark plug wrench or large adjustable wrench will do. (pictured below)

Turn the wrench counter clockwise with even pressure until the plug loosens. You can then spin the plug out by hand. Make sure you replace the spark plug with one identical to the plug you removed.

If you don’t your blower may not operate as well or you may over time seize (ruin) your engine because the plug you installed runs at a much higher heat range. The most common spark plug brands are Champion or NGK. Most Briggs and Stratton or Tecumseh engines use a Champion RJ19LM size spark plug. If you are unsure which exact plug you should use the code is on the side of the plug or consult your snowblower manual.

To install a spark plug ensure that you start threading it on by finger, first to make sure that it doesn’t become cross threaded. Also the spark plug is partially made of porcelain making it somewhat fragile and care must be taken to not over tighten the plug and risk cracking the plug rendering it useless.

Once the plug is finger tight, then use wrench and tighten it by turning it clockwise a half a turn. Put the spark plug cap back on the spark plug. Apply a small amount of pressure to ensure the cap is secured to the plug and the job is done.

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