Lawn Mower Maintenance tip-wheels

Lawn Mower Maintenance tip-wheels for your walk behind or riding mowers are to keep the tires inflated to their proper operating levels. If you over inflate your tires then you will have a very bumpy ride when you are mowing your lawn as well when you are turning your mower you will be more likely to tear up your lawn.

Over inflated tires are less forgiving and tend to chew up a lawn a lot quicker. If a tire is over or under inflated you are changing how the mower sits above the ground. This in turn changes the deck mowing height as the mower will be higher or lower than a tire at the intended level.

Highly recommended that if your ztr ride on mower or any riding mower for that fact is to make sure your mower has solid front wheels. By doing this especially those who live in cooler climates that are still mowing or mulching in the fall season and temperatures are quite cold some mornings that you don’t wake up to deflated front wheels. If at all possible store you’re ride on mowers indoors overnight during the cooler fall season if you don’t your tires could end up flat. Replacement no flat tires are expensive but are definitely worth the cost versus all the down time it may cause.

Another good Lawn Mower Maintenance -tip wheels is to make sure your plastic wheels still have tred

 As for push mowers wheels should be kept clean of debris between the wheel and the deck. Build up of grass or leaves when mulching can cause wheels to stick and not turn. This may result in a mower that takes more effort to push or one that might leave sporadic skid marks on your lawn.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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