Lawn Mower Maintenance tip-spark plug

Lawn Mower Maintenance tip-spark plug, checking or changing the spark plug is a lawn mower maintenance tip that should not be overlooked. To check or change a spark plug, make sure that the engine is not hot.

Remove the spark plug wire from the plug, then the proper spark plug socket or wrenches (it will be on of two sizes) this special socket has a rubber gasket inside the socket to prevent damage to the spark plug while removing it. Spark Plugs are fragile and a crack in a spark plug will prevent it from working properly or not at all

Always good to inspect the plug when doing Lawn Mower Maintenance tip-spark plug

When inspecting the spark plug you will notice one the following colour combinations:

– Light gray or brown and smooth – this is the normal appearance. The mixture is correct and there likely no major problems with the engine.

-Excessive black carbon – the mixture may be too rich or the spark plug may be the wrong type for your engine.

-Damage to the electrodes – the mixture may be too lean, timing may be set incorrectly, or the spark plug may be the wrong type for your engine.

If you notice any of the last two then replace the spark plug with the proper spark plug type for your mower. This information can be found (you guessed it) in the owners’ manual, or contact your closet dealer. Most manufacturers will recommend that the spark plug be replaced once a season as part of the yearly maintenance schedule.

I hope this helps with your lawn mower maintenance tip-spark plug.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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