Lawn Mower Maintenance tip-oil

Lawn Mower Maintenance tip-oil, always remember to check the engine oil level. Make sure that the oil level is in the required range which is shown on the dipstick.

There is usually a maximum level (full), a minimum level (anything at in between is the operating range) and add oil (anything at or below the minimum level). You do not want to run the engine with a low oil level as you are damaging the internal components of the engine.

If the oil level is low all the internal moving parts of the engine are not being properly lubricated. As the engine runs and the friction inside from moving engine parts build heat.

Therefore this build up of heat causes moving parts to expand. Without lubrication these dry movingparts will expand to the point where they will seize (stop) and the engine is finished. A quart of oil is only a few dollars at your local hardware store or garage, spend the few dollars and always keep a quart around.

Most manufacturers suggest SAE 30 oil, I highly recommend that you buy this weight (thickness of oil) if you don’t have a manual or whatever is suggested in the operators manual.

You can get away with the oil that you use in your car but, SAE 30 oil is thicker and will provide better protection to those hard working parts of the mower motor.

The next tip in Lawn Mower Maintenance still involves oil. You must remember to change the oil at least once a season! (sometimes more depending on the number of hours that the engine is being used)

If you have manual for your mower then please check the maintenance schedule. Changing the oil is very important as oil after use loose its’ ability to stick to the internal engine parts that need lubrication.

If you let the oil become too worn then you loose engine power and performance thereby making your mower engine to work harder, causing it to wear out sooner.

If you don’t have a manual then I would recommend that for a push mower the oil should be changed at least once every 50 hours. So if it takes 2 hours to mow your lawn with your push mower after every 25 cuts change the oil. In most push mowers the amount of oil needed to perform an oil change is approximately half a quart.

Remember don’t add too much oil either you can damage the engine as well if you exceed the proper amount. By overfilling the engine you will cause oil to be forced out parts of the engine that were not designed to have oil.

When changing the oil on a push mower I always try run the engine to warm up the oil. By doing this when you go to drain the oil it will be warm and thinner so it will drain more complexly than if it were cool (it will also take less time to drain out).

– Make sure the spark plug wire is disconnected

– Make sure you remove the gas cap, put a piece of cling wrap from the kitchen or a plastic bag over the hole and replace the gas cap firmly (using the plastic as protective shield to prevent fuel from coming out of the gas cap vent)

– Always remember to tip the lawn mower so that the muffler and air filter are pointing to the sky (if you tip it the other direction with the air filter or muffler towards the ground you will be forcing oil out these holes were oil does not belong)

– For those mowers that have a plug that is underneath the mower deck then tip the mower as stated above then after the plug is removed slowly set the mower down over your oil collection device and let it drain completely.

– Once the oil has completely drained then tip the mower to the sky again and replace the plug. Remember to turn it 1/2 a turn past snug to ensure that the plug will not loosen and fall out causing to loose all of the oil in the engine.

– Turn the mower upright and fill the mower to the proper full amount by checking the oil level on the dipstick.

By regularly checking your oil regularly you will get a much longer life out of your mower and keep more money in your wallet.

I hope this helps for your Lawn Mower Maintenance Tip-Oil.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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