Lawn Care When to Water

In Lawn Care When to Water is important but more so is how much and how often as well. First let’s talk about Your Established Lawn and its’ roots.

We all need it to survive and your lawn is no different. What is the one very basic thing? Water.

Yes, you probably already knew that in the back of your mind, everything needs some amount of water to survive.

lawn needs water to grow, but not just up towards the sun (the part that we see) but, down into the soil as well.

Your lawns strength comes from its’ roots underground. It is these roots that need to receive the water not just the leaves (blades) of the grass plant.

So how does the grass plant use water? It pulls moisture up from the soil through roots to the leaves where pores on the leaves cause the water to evaporate.

What causes the evaporation? Well there are various situations that can cause evaporation, such as wind, heat, temperature and humidity.

The hotter and windier the day the more water will be used.

Plants use this function of evaporation as a defense to keep themselves cool.

If there is enough water existing in the soil then the grass plant will be able to combat severe evaporation during days of extreme heat or warm windy situations.

If not enough water is attainable from the soil then the leaves will burn out and turn light brown.

This brings us back to the root of watering so to speak.

By watering properly the roots of the grass plant will grow thicker and deeper into the soil.

The deeper the roots the better it will be able to attain and hold water in its’ root system.

Water is also the food transpotation system for the plant as well.

In lawn care when to water is key …

If not enough water is moving through the plant then it is not getting the proper balance of nutrients from the soil necessary to stay healthy.

Grass that goes without sufficient water for extended periods will again show signs similar to the “burned out” look mentioned earlier.

So team what is enough water for your lawn? The basic approach should be to water deeply occasionally instead of lightly more often.

When you water lightly and more often you will promote shallow root growth and shallow roots reduce your lawns ability to survive times of drought.

The idea is to soak the roots of your lawn until the roots are full, (I’m not asking you to flood your lawn) more like as a general rule a couple of hours first thing in the morning once a week (maybe twice during extreme heat or drought situations).

Also try not to water your lawn during the middle of the day as this is the time when the evaporation rate is the highest due to the suns’ position in the sky.

After all this good you are trying to do for your lawn will be defeated as the water won’t have an opportunity to reach the roots.

By doing this you are also getting the grass plant to grow its’ roots deeper.

This basic cycle of proper watering, in turn growing deeper roots will greatly increase the lawns ability to stay healthy and green during the heat of summer.

Lawn Care and Watering properly will help when it comes to your lawn will help in reducing the amount of water needed to keep it healthy and will lessen the amount of other things such as chemicals needed to maintain your lawn.

This approach would be a preferred lawn care method as it takes little effort on your behalf other than to move your hose and sprinkler around your yard to ensure the most exposed areas to the sun get the moisture they need.

Hope this helps in your approach to lawn care when to water.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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