Lawn Care Uniform

The Lawn Care Uniform is Important in the Branding of Your Lawn Care Business.

As mentioned in previously in Lawn Care Marketing that your Uniform should tie in with the rest of your Business Image based on your logo and company colours.

When you designed your Lawn Care Logo you should have had a 2 colour design with a third tie in colour. This can be seen in the following Lawn Care Uniform.

The logo colours were red and black on white but as white shows dirt and grass stains extremely quickly another neutral third colour needed to be used. One was chosen that would still keep the logo visible and hold the original logo colour scheme. Having a clearly visible logo image across all of your uniform is a key to being memorable in the customers eyes.

Paying a little more will pay off in the long run when purchasing your Lawn Care Uniform

When choosing the type or brand of shirt for your lawn care uniform make sure that it is one that will still look good after multiple washes as this business is not always the cleanest job on the planet. Paying a little more for a shirt (or sweat shirt if you are in a colder climate) can get you alot more use out of each piece of your uniform and thereby saving you money in the long run.

The same can be said of pants or shorts (never cut offs) which should also be made of a good quality material to stand up to the countless washings they will get. I’ve found that Fruit Of the Loom far outlasted may of the other manufacturers and tended not to shrink as much. Working with a promotional items firm that understands your industries needs can be of great value in sourcing the best materials to stand up to your outdoor lawn care uniform needs.

Finding a supplier that is willing to go the extra mile for you, (stand behind his workmanship) and your business is important along with giving you a good quality product at reasonable prices is sometimes hard to find. I have found and used John at to be a valuable source in all my uniform needs. Visit his site and see what he can do for your Lawn Care Uniform.

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