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There are many things to consider before purchasing your Lawn Care Trailer. The type of vehicle that is towing the trailer, the size/weight of the trailer, landscape or enclosed trailer, price vs. quality and new vs. a used trailer.

By taking the time to think about these questions will help you make a better decision when buying your Lawn Care Trailer.

All right let’s start the consideration process by looking at what type of vehicle are you using to tow your trailer. Do you have a van or truck that with a stronger transmission and larger towing capacity? Or are you using a car or small S.U.V.?

If you are just starting out and you only have a few push lawns then a small 4’x8’ light duty trailer will do. You will only be able to fit a couple of push mowers, string trimmer and your fuel cans.

Light duty trailers can be pulled by cars or SUV’s safely as the total trailer weight/capacity will be within the ability of these vehicles engine, transmission and braking systems to safely operate on the road.

If you already have a Lawn Care Truck (if you don’t click here )and you plan on towing around a couple of push mowers and Z.T.R. mowers then you’ll probably be going straight to 6’x15’ medium to heavy duty trailer with a 3000 lb. or greater towing capacity.

Maybe you are somewhere in between these 2 examples in your needs for your Lawn Care Trailer. That’s O.K. we can help narrow down the choices a little bit more by asking the next questions.

As you may have noticed in the above questions the type of vehicle you currently have can limit what size Lawn Care Trailer you safely can tow on the roads. What type of equipment you have (or wish to purchase) plays a roll in the size of trailer you actually need as a minimum size as well.

Do you know what the short or long term plans are for your Lawn Care Business when it comes to equipment needs are? If you don’t then you need to spend some time on a Lawn Care Business Plan (click here ) before you actually purchase your Lawn Care Trailer.

Knowing what equipment you will be using will help you choose the proper Lawn Care Trailer

What type of equipment do you already have? What is your target market? Are you just going to mow small lawns with a push mower, large estate lawns or a combination of both?

By answering these questions you will have a better understanding as to the type of Lawn Care Trailer you are going to need today and in the years to come.

There are many different size combinations available trough various manufacturers and retailers. Along with these sizes there are also price variations as well.

When shopping around make sure you are not only shopping based on the price but also on the quality of materials as well as any warranty if you are buying new.

Make sure you get a Lawn Care Trailer that will stand up to day to day abuse it will likely receive, remember that if it brakes down, its’ down time for your business and money lost. (remember time is money)

Here are is a list of questions you need to think about before purchasing your Lawn CareTrailer:

– Do you have a secure garage/shop to store your equipment when it is not in use or needs repair?

– Is the trailer you are looking at allow you to safely and easily load and unload yourLawn Care Equipment?

– Is there a place for small equipment such as trimmers and gas cans to be secured?

– Should you purchase an open landscape trailer or an enclosed trailer?

– Is the Lawn Care Trailer you are looking at clean and professional looking in appearance?

– Does sure your trailer has all the safety features needed to travel on the roads legally?

Let’s continue answering these questions. Do you have a secure garage/shop to store your Lawn Care Equipment? This is important because it may effect your decision of whether or not to buy an enclosed trailer.

If you buy an enclosed trailer you have purchased yourself a much safer place to store your equipment when you are away from your trailer or if you are storing it in the off season.

Is an enclosed trailer going to offer you easy access to your equipment when you arrive at a job or are you going to have to unload everything just to get at that one piece of equipment at the front of the trailer?

You need to weigh the pro and cons of each of these questions being asked. What about safety hazards of storing fuel in an enclosed space such as an enclosed trailer?

Can you safely and easily load and unload your equipment from the trailer you are considering buying? Your trailer should have a drop style tailgate that acts as a ramp that you can drive on and off your Lawn Care Equipment.

This type of tailgate makes for much quicker unloading at the job site instead of using a separate set of ramps that would have to be manually lifted from inside the trailer and placed in position at the back of the trailer for the riding mower to be unloaded. Again time is money the faster the loading and unloading the quicker you can get to the next job

Loose equipment is an accident waiting to happen. This equipment be it string trimmers, push mowers or fuel cans should be secured to prevent rolling around possibly spilling fuel or coming off the trailer in an unexpectedly quick stop or an accident? You should always plan for the worse case scenario and be prepared for it.

To continue with the safety related questions you should be looking at when purchasing you Lawn Care Trailer is does it have all the necessary equipment needed to legally travel on then roads where you are going to operate your Lawn Care Business?

It should have proper lights (brake and signal) as well as safety chains that attach your trailer to the bumper (or trailer hitch mount) of your towing vehicle in case the trailer becomes unhitched for any reason. 

Remember to always cross the chains so that the chains form an “x” when attached to the bumper this is done to prevent the tongue of the trailer from touching the ground if it becomes unhitched from the towing vehicle.

When you get into larger size trailer such as 5’ x 10’ or larger you may need to consider electronic trailer brakes to assist the trailer in stopping within normal safe distances. This added braking will also prolong the braking and transmission system of the towing vehicle.

Along with lights, brakes and safety chains you also need to consider what the trailer is riding on. By this I mean you should look at axle and tire size combinations. Are the axles lightweight or are they heavy duty? Do they have any grease fittings to allow for quick maintenance? Are the tires small or are they car size? 

If your Lawn Care Trailer is of any size and you are towing more than push mowers then you will want to make sure your trailer has a good axle, at least small car size tires and rims for your trailer to last more than a year or two.

Lastly, should you buy a used Lawn Care Trailer? Well that depends on whether or not you know the dealer or the person you are buying the trailer from.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself about the trailer you are looking at. Is the trailer full of rust? What shape are the axle bearings in? Do the tires have any tread left on them? Is the floor of the trailer made of wood or metal as wood tends to stand up better than metal floors and wood trailer beds can be replaced?

Are the safety chains still in good shape? Are all the lights still in working order? If not is the wiring in good shape or will it need to be replaced?

Appearance is important when you buy your Lawn Care Trailer. Make sure that your trailerhas a clean professional look as you wouldn’t want a service you hired to come to your house or place of business towing a rusty old trailer.

Would you be willing to pay them top dollar if they did? I doubt it. A professional look will allow you to charge more.

Make sure that you don’t buy a cheaper low quality trailer only to sacrifice the endurance or the multiple capabilities a slightly more expensive better built Lawn Care Trailer will provide your business.

I have found some websites to get you started, they are as follows: 

LB Trailers 

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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