Lawn Care Prices

Lawn Care prices are based upon many factors. The main contributing factors involve the contractors’ hourly rate, the market in which you live and the nature of the lawn care job being done.

The lawn care contractors’ hourly rate is out of your control as a customer. Although you do have control over whom you decide to hire to perform your lawn care requests. The lawn care contractors’ hourly rate is itself is based upon many aspects.

Insurance, fuel, vehicle and equipment costs are only but a few of the ingredients that make up his hourly rate. Along with these costs the contractor must also add a profit factor as a portion of this rate in order to continue in this business and provide for himself and his own family.

Another factor in lawn care prices is the market demand in the area in which you live. You may live in a rural area where there may only be one or two contractors available to service the area.

This places the contractor in a position of advantage as they know that there is very little competition and therefore don’t feel as much pressure to have to offer a “deal”.

This rural factor may also drive up the cost due to the fact that the contractor has to spend more time and fuel just reach your location from his home or shop.

There is also the market that has multiple customers and very few suppliers which again gives the service provider an advantage when offering a price to complete the task being tendered.

This occurs when an area sees a huge growth in the population of a certain type of customer. An example of this is the senior citizen or retiree.

These seniors normally retire to areas where there is a sense of a better retirement life. This may mean that they are choosing the area due to its landscape (near a lake for fishing or sailing), an areas’ slower lifestyle where there is no real traffic congestion, lower crime rate and lower tax rates.

These seniors for the most part are physically unable to perform many jobs around their lawn that need to done and have money to afford to pay to have these jobs completed by others.

Lastly there is a buyers market where there is a very high amount of competition and a smaller amount of jobs or customers that need services. A market of this type can occur during an economic downturn where many people loss their jobs and their source of income.

Hold the line when competing against other lawn care prices … 

As a result of this there is no extra money available to afford to pay someone else to perform a job that themselves could do if it was necessary.

This type of market may also occurs in an urban area such as a city with a higher number of service providers in a smaller area must compete with each other for the customers within the city’s population base.

This competition may cause contractors to reduce some of their prices for certain services being offered. Competition in turn is healthy for the consumer and will offer him the best opportunity to receive below market value or “deal” pricing for any particular lawn care price quoted.

Another attribute to affect a lawn care price is the actual type of service that is being requested to quote upon. Be sure you give the contractor as much accurate information possible when quoting a job.

By doing this you are ensuring that the quotes being given by the different contractors will reflect what exactly you want accomplished.

An example of this for requesting a quote from lawn care contractors to provide the service of mowing the lawn on your property. To be fair to all you should have a very specific idea as to what you expect of the lawn care service provider.

Do you require trimming as well each time they mow or only as needed?, do they have to show up and even if there is less than ¼ of the lawn that needs to be mowed due to drought?, are there only certain days that are acceptable to you for them to do the mowing?

Do they have to be insured and bonded in order to receive the job? Are there any hidden obstacles on the property that you, as the customer, should locate and make the contractor aware of (such as water main heads or property boundary markers)? Do you expect the clippings to bagged and disposed of when extremely long?

The above are only a few questions that should be given some thought to before you actually award the job to any given lawn care service provider. This also clearly illustrates team that there is more than the mowing of the mower to arrive at accurate Lawn Care Prices.

There are some more things to keep in mind in with Lawn Care Price in 2014 .

“Keep It Simple to Succeed”lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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