Lawn Care Marketing

Lawn Care Marketing in 21 st century is more important than ever with many more people out of work around the world. People of all walks of life are starting a lawn care business because they involve a very low investment. This fact in turn increases the competition compared to even 18 months ago.

All those new businesses can easily dry up your local marketplace unless you have a solid lawn care marketing plan. This plan should begin with a lawn care logo (the heart of any lawn care business image), this logo is what helps to set you apart from your competition.

From this logo should flow an image that has continuity, readability and professionalism. After all it should follow you everywhere your business goes. This includes in your print/media advertising such as lawn care business flyer, lawn care business card, lawn care phone book advertising as well as a lawn care website.

When it comes to your external business image the logo carries on into your lawn care uniform , lawn care truck, lawn care trailer which prospective customers see on a daily basis as you go about your business of mowing lawns, seeding, aerating, fertilizing and more.

By taking the time to design and begin with a professional will help greatly increase your success over your competitors.

All of the above mentioned types of advertising make up the various avenues that you must take advantage when conducting your Lawn Care Marketing.

Your Lawn Care Marketing Checklist

The following is a simple check-list to help you get started.

1. come up with a catchy professional sounding business name. (check to make sure you can legally use it).

2. develop a logo, don’t make it complicated just use type-styles that are easy to read, keep it to one or 2 colours at most. Make sure logo is scalable (can be easily read up close for business cards and at a distance for vehicle lettering)

3. take logo to local printer or copy centre and use it when creating your lawn care flyer, business cards. Keep colours to black or black plus one colour to keep costs down.

4. take logo to local sign companies get quotes on lettering (make sure that you get lettering that will last most sign companies carry vinyl that will last 2 years or up to 6 years) this may cost more but it is worth it. Lettering should go on back window and on doors of vehicle for best exposure.

5. know your target market area and how many flyers to print first time and have them printed at least expensive place

6. approve vehicle lettering quote and have lettering applied as requested by you

7. put up flyers in high traffic areas, corner stores etc. as well as going door to door in target market neighbourhoods.

8. while working on your website put your business on google maps (it’s free and will help get you found locally) just go to google and search google maps. Make sure that you use the area in which you are working in your keyword tags.

9. talk to all of your friends and day to business acquaintances, (lawyer, insurance agent local store shopkeeper) make sure that they know about your lawn care business

10. look into joining local chamber of commerce which may help you make new business contacts and assist in spreading the word about you.

11. get your website up but don’t totally rely on it to give you all your business get out there socialize, get in front of people get your vehicle seen (with lettering on it)

12. make sure you have a uniform with your logo on it of some kind not just cut off jeans and a t-shirt

13. volunteer in your community, this kind of positive interaction can only improve your businesses reputation.

14. always carry your business cards you never know when or where you will met a prospective lawn care customer.

15. once your website is up and running update it regularly with new services or seasonal specials that you offer as well as blogging about related happenings in your community.

Don’t give up on your Lawn Care Marketing, remember the old saying when the going gets tough the tough get going!

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