Lawn Care Logos

Lawn Care Logos if done properly will increase your sales and give you the ability to charge a higher price than a competitor with a poor one or sadly one with no logo at all.

The above logo is the logo that I use for my Business. It was designed with the guidelines below.

The first thing a prospective customer sees of you business will be your business card (given to them by a friend or found at the corner store), Vehicle graphics on your truck or trailer (as you are driving to or doing a job), Your Uniform (if you are out introducing your business door to door or mowing grass), a flyer, your Ad in the phone book or of course a web site.

So what does your Lawn Care Logo have to do with all of these different types of advertising listed above?

Your Logo (uses an image or an image and text) or a word mark (a logo that uses only text only) is the means of distinguishing your Lawn Care Business visually from your competition and it should be on all of these forms of Advertising listed above, in the same colour and proportion.

Why, do you ask? Well part of being and looking professional is your Image.

Lawn Care Logos are the Heart of your business image

Your Businesses Image begins with you and grows outward from there to include all types of marketing used in (and making a) connection with your Lawn Care Business. Remember you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes for a second. Would your rather do business with a slob that drives up to your nice looking house or business in a stained t-shirt, cut off jeans shorts and rusted out truck?

Or, a Business that drives up to your house/business with a clean uniform and truck making you, the customer, feel good about yourself because you found someone who cares about what they do for you or your business?

I think that most people would rather deal with the second business that has a Professional Image even if it costs them a few dollars more.

Looking Professional and having an easily recognizable as well as readable logo stands out everywhere you go. Putting your Logo out there informs Potential Customers that you are in business and looking for more.

Make your Lawn Care Logo be the one that everyone remembers when they need someone to mow their residential lawn or business.

O.k., but how to do that? Well her are key things to remember when designing your Lawn Care Logo.

1. “Keep it Simple to Succeed”, Which means a lot of the time people only have a second or two to see your logo as your vehicle is driving down the road or your are mowing a lawn. The Logo has to be simple, clean and easily read to leave a memorable impression.

2. Stay away from pictures or images that will be hard and sometimes costly to reproduce. (keeping in mind that this logo must look good at 1” high as well as 12” high or larger depending on your truck, trailer or other signage options.(office building sign)

Can you remember what the logo for Coca Cola, McDonald’s or Nike look like right now? Yes, because they meet the standards that your logo should too.

3. As a rule don’t use more than three colors in your Logo if possible. Why? Because too many colors make reading the Logo difficult and more costly to reproduce in print, uniforms and signage.

Think of Coca Cola, Mcdonald’s or Nike. Coke is usually white letters on a red background, McDonald’s is yellow and white letters on a red background and Nike is usually white letters on a black background or black letters on a white back ground.

4. Keep the text style to a font (a graphic style of an alphabet) that is simple clean and easy to read in various sizes. Below are two examples of what I mean when I say hard to read, followed by two that are much more readable and therefore remembered.

Above is an example of poor , hard to read text fonts. Below are text fonts that are much easier to read and remember.

5. Try to remember, never use more than two font styles in your logo design because it makes your Logo sometimes difficult to read as well as some styles don’t go together well visually.

Instead of

If your designing your logo you keep these points in mind. Your Logo and ultimately your Business will benefit by having an Image that is easy to read, recognize and remember.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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