Lawn Care Hat

Making sure that you include a Lawn Care Hat in your Lawn Care Uniform arsenal provides multiple benefits to your lawn care business.

By having some type of hat, be it a ball cap style or a wide brimmed type such as one would wear when they go fishing is advantageous as it offers a form of advertising as well as safety fro the business as well as the workers.

When looking at the hat as an advertising opportunity too most it obvious the hat will help in completing the lawn care uniform from head to toe.

Your Lawn Care Hat offers many advantages …

The hat should have the business logo on it as well as be done in one of the accepted business colours already established. The hat should be adjustable so that each individual that wears one of the hats can attain a comfortable fit which will ensure that the hats are worn and not just set aside in favour of another that fits better.

The second reason is the safety aspect of wearing a hat. As you can well imagine during any sunny days, especially during the hot summer months that with the sun beating down on all those working outside for a living the need for some type of shade from the suns direct rays is necessary.

With the suns rays landing on daily basis onto someone’s head, face, ears and neck without any form of protection the chance for heat stroke and skin cancer are greatly increased. Neither one of those above mentioned options is something anyone would want so something as simple as wearing a hat seems easy to do.

There is also the lessening or elimination of sunburn also. So as you can surmise there is a great benefit to having a Lawn Care Hat included in your lawn business. 

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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