Lawn Care Fertilizer

A Lawn Care Fertilizer provides soil nutrients that all lawns need to survive and stay healthy. Your lawn has to endure many hardships during its’ yearly life cycle.

Things such as drought, heavy use (sports fields, play grounds), extreme cold, heat, not to mention bugs and other insects all play a part in wearing down the Health of Your Lawn.

These nutrients provide the different types of food your lawn needs.

The three main ingredients are Nitrogen which encourages healthy growth, the next is Phosphorus which promotes the formation of roots and gives energy for sustained growth, and Potassium which aids in strengthening the grass plant along with enhancing its’ resistance to disease.

These traits help to strengthen and maintain a healthy lawn.

These three ingredients, listed in this order, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium make up the set of three numbers that you see when you are reading a fertilizer product label. There are many different formulations of fertilizer.

An example of 25-5-5 means that there is 25% Nitrogen, 5% Phosphorous and 5% Potassium which would be a good formulation provided that the first number, the Nitrogen was in the form of a slow release granule.

If you use a fertilizer that has high numbers then you increase the chances of very rapid growth and run the risk of burning your lawn should wet weather appear soon after application of the fertilizer.

timed released nitrogen formula discharges nitrogen in exact amounts in spite of the weather conditions, wet, dry, warm or cold. By using this type of product you are taking almost all the risk away when applying your own Lawn Care Fertilizer with a spreader.

There are three types of fertilizers.

Natural Organic Fertilizer which is made up of processed organic matter including bone meal, manure and blood meal that have relatively low nutrient value.

These fertilizers are more expensive when comparing them to granular type fertilizer. Their value is not controlled and last only for a short period of time.

Water Soluble Fertilizers do what their name suggests they dissolve in water. They are delivered to the lawn by watering. They offer fast growth, but are costly as their effects are short livedand need to be reapplied every few weeks.

Granule Fertilizer consist of granules that are applied with a spreader to the lawn in an even form. They offer the best value if purchased with a time released formula which will provide a benefit to your lawn for more than ten weeks.

If at all possible a time released granule lawn care fertilizer should be used. Why? It can be spread easily by the use of a fertilizer spreader, it offers a reduced risk to Your Lawn and the Environment by eliminating the “too quick” a release of Nitrogen that can burn your lawn.

In my Opinion Slow Release Fertilizer is a top choice when buying a lawn care fertilizer

As for helping the environment, a slow release formula will allow the lawn to consume the nitrogen as it needs it instead of there being an excess of nutrients in the soil that may leech away into the ground water table.

Lastly, by using timed released granules you will only need three applications per season compared to four or five applications of regular rate fertilizer products.

Therefore, saving You money and being Environmentally Friendly by using less fertilizer.

Your Lawn offers much more than we sometimes consider. A lawn, if healthy and maintained gives us enjoyment thru use, such as picnics and sports. It gives off oxygen and even reduces erosion from water run off. Make the most of Your Lawn and we will all benefit.

If you live in Canada and can get this Agrico brand of slow release fertilizer great, if not I have always had great results with Scotts Lawn Fertilizer, for more information please click


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