Lawn Care Contractors

So, you’re looking at Lawn Care Contractors, someone who can fulfil all (or particular) lawn care needs. How do you find this contractor? Ask a friend, look in the yellow pages, or search locally online?

Yes, most likely you may need to do all three before you find the lawn care contractors that may be right for you and your specific needs.

What exactly should one look for in a lawn care contractor? Well it depends on what the services are that you need to have completed.

As a general rule there are basic questions you should ask yourself or the contractor if the following information is not available in their ad or on their website.

The following are Lawn Care Contractors must haves …

Most importantly, is the contractor insured and bonded? This is important for two reasons. The first reason is that it gives you some recourse if there is ever any problem or damage to your property caused by the contractor. Secondly, it shows that the contractor considers their business seriously enough to have insurance in place.

A smart contractor also knows that by indicating the fact that they are insured they stand a better chance of getting a call to quote on a job than a contractor that has no insurance.

Being bonded also carries some positive influence as well, because to be bondable you must also have a clean criminal record. (If I were a potential customer this would be a plus to me)

Make sure how many years potential lawn care contractors have been in business? If there is no indication of when the business was established or years in business than more than likely this contractor is relatively new.

This has a positive and a negative side. First the positive side, most new businesses do not charge extremely high or industry standard prices as they are just now trying to establish their businesses. This means that you may get a less expensive price on certain services.

On the negative side this means that the lawn care contractor may have less experience and may not have gained enough experience to perform the job to industry standards or may take longer than necessary to complete the job required. You will have to use common judgment depending on the job specs. If all it involves is mowing your lawn then this may not be an issue.

But if you are trying to find someone to grade land, spread topsoil and lay sod to establish a new lawn then this could mean the world.

When looking for a Lawn Care Contractor another item that you should look for is, does the contractor belong to any accredited association such as a Landscape or Turf Assoc.?

This shows the potential Contractor cares enough to keep up to date on new trends in their field of expertise. This may mean a higher price but you will have a higher sense of confidence and competency in the contractor.

If you are searching in the yellow pages or on a Lawn Care Contractor website look to see if the contractor indicates that referrals are available upon request or if there are previous positive customer testimonials on their website.

By doing this you can speak to or read satisfied customers talking about the quality of the contractor and their work. Remember to keep in mind that any Lawn Care Contractor is not going to put anything negative about his past customers if they weren’t a positive customer.

So if it all possible try to speak to someone besides just reading as this customer may offer more information than the contractor may wish, thus giving you a fuller understanding of the Lawn Care Contractor.

If you are spending many thousands of dollars on a large Lawn Care project it may be beneficial to speak to more than just one referral given by the contractor.

Once you have narrowed your choices down to 2 or 3 contractors you should actually interview each of the owners or sales reps if the company is a large one.

When conducting a face to face interview with the Lawn Care Contractor make sure that the business has a clean and professional appearance including things such as a uniform/lettered business vehicle. This shows that the contractor cares about what people think about their business.

Does the contractor have all the proper equipment needed to perform the job or do they have to rent any large equipment to handle it? This is important as some times this may add additional costs to larger jobs be sure to get a firm quote before beginning any work.

Next were all your questions answered fully to your satisfaction? Did he/she ask for a portion of money up front? They should have if it was a large job. If it only is for mowing your lawn or other small weekly service then this won’t be necessary as they would most likely bill you on a monthly basis.

Lastly the price, I left this point until the end as price should not be your only factor in determining your best Lawn Care Contractor option.

For any Lawn Care service you should seek at least 3 contractors and prices to give you a good estimation of what the lawn care service should cost. If the prices are close then you should fall back to the answers/information that you have built up for each of the final Lawn Care Contractors and weigh what is most important to you regarding each of the contractors.

If the highest price of the lawn care contractors that best meets all of the criteria mentioned above then the price reflects the contractor and the choice still is yours, it then comes down to the depth of your wallet if you are looking for the best and whether or not you are willing to pay for the most qualified Lawn Care Contractor for your lawn care job.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed”lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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