Lawn Care Business Plan Detailed Overview

Let’s go over your Lawn Care Business Plan Detailed Overview to get a feel for what you see in your future business.

You should already have given some thought, researched and decided on your business name. So putting down your business name is easy as for mailing information most of us will be starting our Lawn Care Business from our home just use your home address.

As for whether or not to use your home phone number is up to you. You can use your cell number as your business number as long as you have a reasonably priced cell plan. Do you also have good coverage in your proposed target market area?

The structure that your business will take to begin with should be simple, are you starting out by yourself? If you are then a sole proprietor should be the natural way to go.

If not and you are starting with someone else then a partnership is probably the best option. I suggest that keeping things as simple as possible for the first year or two until you have some sales and a sense of how the business is actually doing before you get into a Limited Liability Corporation or becoming fully Incorporated.

Your Lawn Care Business is a service type of business because you go to the customer and provide a service to them such as mowing, seeding or aerating their lawn.

Personal goals are different for each of us. I feel that for the majority of us financial freedom, being your own boss, working outdoors and job satisfaction are all involved somewhere in our goals.

Just as personal goals differ so do the vision we have for our business For some of us it will be million dollar sales with a fleet of trucks and for others it will be staying small with a one or two man operation with six figure sales.

The choice is yours depending on how much you want to take on. The work is out there. What is that will set your business apart from the rest? Your attention to detail, your dependability? Or some other unique style you have in mind?

Next is the businesses’ objectives, is this business to make a profit in the first year? Is there a certain number of customers to be reached in the first year as a measure of success? Is this business to be a full time job or just part time income? These questions need to be answered.

Does your business offer more than just one service? Is all you want to do is mow lawns? Do you only want mow small residential ones or just large estates? Are you interested in fertilizing lawns? What about the off season?

Is there an off season where you live? You need to devote some time to this section because you may severely hinder your business growth potential by only offering one service.

Next in your Lawn Care Plan detailed overview you need to look at where you live be it national, county and even your particular city or town. Is your area in a rich one, I don’ necessarily mean full of millionaires but is your economy doing well enough to support your business?

Is your area full of unemployed people or is a growing area with new industry? Have a look around and take stock of where you live.

When it comes to competition in your area are there hundreds of other businesses or only a few? Are they professional or just a bunch of part timers out for a quick buck? Time well spent here will pay off big time later.

Knowing your competition is half the battle, it will greatly help you position your business for success. Check phone book yellow pages in your area, go out and drive around areas in which you want to get work and see the competition in action.

Who are you competing for? Who exactly is your target market customer? Is it commercial contracts, seniors with residential lawns or large estate lots in the country? It may even be all three. Do they have the disposable income to be able to afford your services?

In your lawn care business plan detailed overview after you have figured out who your customer is how are you going to get the message to them about your business and its’ great services? Will it be from a newspaper add, flyers, a website, business cards, signs or word of mouth?

It may be one of these or a mix of a bunch of these methods that finally reaches the customer and they call you to quote on their property. You will need to consider all of your options and find out what works well in your area.

Once the business is going strong how are you going to handle the day to day running of the business? Are you well organized and a person that has a good eye for detail?

How about keeping on top of which customer is to be mowed when? Does the equipment need servicing? Do you have spare parts on hand for what breaks most often on your equipment? How about the long weekend that your wife wants you to take? You can’t forget about that can you?

All of these things will have to be managed effectively. Make sure you have a plan.

Do you have emergency plans in place? What I mean by this is do you have insurance to cover yourself in case of an accident? Does your business in case you are sued for putting a rock through a large window? What if your equipment is stolen?

Let’s not forget the unthinkable if you die or are unable to continue to work does the business fall apart and dissolve or is it sold? What is the business worth at fair market value? Do you have a will? You should have one, especially if you have a family.

I hope the Lawn Care Business Plan Detailed Overview helped you in defining the questions that should be answered to give your Lawn Care Business an increased ability to succeed in the toughest first few years.

Once you have given some thought and answered these questions in the Lawn Care Business Plan-Detailed Overview, please move on to the finances area. 

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