Lawn Care Business Cards

Lawn Care Business Cards if done properly will increase your sales and give you the ability to charge a higher price than a competitor with a poor one or sadly one with none at all. The first thing a prospective customer sees of your business may be your business card.

Here is my Business Card.

We will use it as an example during our discussion of the various parts of a proper business card design.

Lawn Care Business Cards are your hand held billboard that should contain all the important information about your Business.

These important pieces of information are as follows: business name (logo), your name, phone number (cell or office or both), brief description of what your business does, website address and your “tag line”. (a unique phrase that sums up what sets you apart from the competition)

Let’s talk about these points one at a time. First, your Business Name should be a well chosen name that sounds professional as we discussed in how to create a Lawn Care Business Name.

A great Logo is Important for Your Lawn Care Business Cards

As we know your business name once chosen and designed becomes your Business Logo which tells customers what you think of yourself and your business.

Your Logo should be prominent on your card. It should be the first thing customers see on your Lawn Care Business Cards.

Here is my Logo.

After the potential customer has looked at your professional looking logo they should read down the card and see who the contact person is. This name will be either you as the owner/operator of the business or your sales person for the Business. This name will need to stand out cleanly and clearly on the card.

This can be seen in the bottom half of my card.

Our next equally important part of the lawn care business cards are the contact numbers. (cell phone, e-mail or website) These carry weight visually almost as much as the contact name does on the Business Cards.

This is how customers will reach you. This information must be easy to read otherwise no one will be able to reach you to ask for a quote. As you can see in my above example the contact name carries more weight than the contact numbers and the contact numbers are stronger visually than the “tag line”.

The tag line” is the part of your Cards where you set your Lawn Care Business apart from the rest. Don’t waste this opportunity as the old saying goes “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.

This should be said of your whole approach when designing your Business Cards but when it comes to a “tag line” many new businesses will miss this opportunity to stand out. Your “tag line” comes from the condensed version of your mission statement which was developed during your Lawn Care Business Plan.

It is what defines your Lawn Care Business and sets you apart from your competition.

When I came up with my “tag line” I put the responsibility on myself and my business thus taking the thought of putting my name on the line one step further. What more could a customer ask of a Lawn Care Business?

You can make your business stand as well, make good use of this opportunity and make sure that it appears in all of your Lawn Care Business marketing.

Remember team to always send a professional image you never know who your next customer might be or who may refer that potential customer to your Business.

Once you have designed your Lawn Care Business Cards you will need to find someone to print these cards for you. There are many ways to accomplish this.

One option is to find someone online to print your cards which can be done quite easily by typing in “print business card deals” into your favorite search engine online and you will a wide choice of offers to print your cards.

Your next option depending on where you live, a large city where no one knows anyone or a small town where word of mouth goes a little further is to have them printed by a local print shop/copy center.

Why I suggest this is that when you buy locally you may well get referrals even from the printer or some one that works there. Remember who knows where the next lead is coming from. Wherever possible keep your local economy alive.

One more option which is easily done is to print your cards yourself. I just went to my local business supply store and purchased a package of white business card sheets that are already perforated.

You go to the website of the manufacturer of the sheets and they have templates for the package style that you purchased. Look for the style number on the package, enter it and choose how you want to print it.

The manufacturer that I use is It works with various software just make sure you have the compatible software on your computer. (if you have windows then you will be o.k.) Once you have chosen your template you insert your Lawn Care Business Card design from Microsoft Word or your graphic design software until the template page is full.

Then all you need to do is save the template page and print using your inkjet printer. It cost me roughly $10.00 to buy the blank business cards and maybe half an hour to get my template page the way I wanted it. Boom, 250 cards right away or just 10 cards if that’s all I need for now.

What ever works best for you and your budget as long as it looks professional! 

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green! 

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