Lawn Care and Snow Service in Cobourg Ontario

Baxter’s Four Seasons Services Inc. is expanding to now provide a complete Lawn Care and Snow Service in Cobourg Ontario. We have always provided grass cutting services in Cobourg Ontario and now due to demand we will be expanding our services in 2011. We will continue to proudly provide year round property maintenance serving Cobourg and the south side of Rice Lake (including Harwood and Gores Landing). (Which we have been doing since 1992)

We currently provide lawn mowing, spring and fall clean-up, eaves trough cleaning as well as residential snow service in Cobourg. By appointment we also offer dump runs and light chainsaw work (trees already down and do not involve hazards such electrical wires).

Beginning in 2010 we expanded to include spring and fall aerating, spring and fall seeding as well as customized fertilizing programs to suite your needs and budget.

You can Trust us, you are free to leave at anytime to travel be it planned or an emergency. Your property is still cared for as though you were still at home.

You can plan other work to be done around your property, be it painting the outside or having your lawn sprayed, because we come regularly.

You’re having a Garden Party on Wednesday afternoon and you want your lawn to look its’ absolute best so you ask us to come Wednesday morning (just for this special occasion) even though it’s not your usual day , no problem.

We are bonded and insured with references available upon request.

As a Lawn Care Service In Cobourg Ontario since 1992 Baxter’s 4 Seasons Services has been working hard and improving our services just for you. There are more than 100 satisfied local customers year in year out make us their Outdoor Property Maintenance Provider.

You too can Enjoy the pride and satisfaction we share in making your property look its’ best month after month, year after year.

Our Cobourg Snow Services include clearing of driveways, sidewalks as well as walkways. Baxter’s uses snow blowers exclusively to move the snow which allows them to place the snow more effectively on a customer’s property, thereby eliminating the need to have snow trucked away or piled too high thus causing unsafe exiting of driveways.

The Baxter’s Four Seasons team knows when to show up at your door. They follow the most up to date forecasts and radar images on the net. Baxter’s Four Seasons Services specialize in residential and small commercial customers.

Baxter’s Four Seasons Services Inc. with our complete Lawn Care and Snow Service in Cobourg Ontario solves the problem of finding someone friendly to deal with our Professional, Approachable Staff.

We believe this is how a customer should be treated.

Your Trust in Our Business is what keeps us in Business.

We are currently booking for lawn care for the 2014 season.

If You live in Cobourg or on the south side of Rice Lake and are looking for someone dependable call us at 905-342-9469, e-mail [email protected] .

For more info on our services please visit our new website

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