Free Lawn Care Advertising-Kijiji

To make your Free Lawn Care Advertising-Kijiji, type in Kijiji into your search engine. Then click on the main page which should be at the top result. Once it comes up then find the largest metropolitan area to where you or your business operates. (If you are lucky you actually live inside of one of these areas) Click on the name, once there go to the services menus (in my area there is no separate listing for lawn care so I choose the other category. When the page opens up you want to click on the icon in the upper right hand corner “Post an ad in this category”.

The ad type is (I am offering a service), Next is the title of the ad, here put the name of your business and the type of service you are offering.

For myself it would be, Baxter’s 4 Seasons Services Inc. proudly offering professional lawn care and snow services to Cobourg, Baltimore and Southern Rice Lake since 1992.

Now, to get to the description or meat of the free Kijiji ad. Here if you are just getting started with your lawn care business then you would announce your business. If you are offering a new service or a limited time discounted price on a certain service then put it into words. After that part of the ad is complete and you have a picture of you or your business vehicle or some equipment then post it with the ad.

To complete the ad you will have to give them a valid e-mail address of yours to validate/confirm the ad.

Put in your lawn care business phone number (you want customers to call you), choose your closest location and supply them with your address to help them in pinpointing your location.

Your done your Free Lawn Care Advertising-Kijiji, I suggest you preview it first, check spelling then hit post ad. You will receive an e-mail notification at the address you provided to activate the ad. Click on the link provided and poof the ad is live on Kijiji. As kijiji results usually rank high then using kijiji will help you in lawn care advertising and get closer to top of the search engine results list before you have a website. 

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