Free Lawn Care Advertising-Google Maps

In taking advantage of Free Lawn Care Advertising-Google Maps allows you to place a free internet ad including and a map location of your office (even if you are operating out of your home). A prospective local customer searches and uses a keyword (for most of us that word would be lawn care) that you chose when you set up your google maps account and displays local results for that keyword.

To get started with this method of Free Lawn Care Advertising-Google Maps make sure your search engine of choice is Google (I’m sure for most of us you are already are using Google. Type in Google maps. From the main page that comes up you should see a large continental map of the area in which you live. On this map page there should be an option on the upper left hand side that says Put your business on Google maps. Click on that link. It should take you to Google Local Business Center. From this page you want to click on the add new business button. By doing this your next page should be a business information page that gives you the option to choose your country, company name as well as other address information.

Fill out all of the info. requested. Include your e-mail address as well as a description of your lawn care business such as services and area in which you will work and unique business info. such as tag line etc. As you enter your information the map on the right of the screen will change. It should show more map details and by the time you finish the info. you should see your business address in the map on the right.

Make sure the red marker is positioned correctly to show exactly your business address. If it is not then click on the link below the map that says “fix incorrect marker location”. Move the marker to your location. You may have to click on the (-) sign on the map to zoom out to find your street. Once found reposition the marker and save changes.

When choosing your 5 categories make sure to choose your most unique and profitable ones. Such as lawn care service, fertilizing service, aerating etc. Once done hit next and it should bring you to a page where you can add hours of business, payment options, add a picture or video as well as additional details. Once done then click on the submit button.

You should land on a page that asks you how you want to validate your listing.

You are offered 3 different means of validating, I suggest using the by phone option as it is the quickest. You then click on the finish button. Google will take you to a page that tells you they are calling the number you provided to give you your pin activation number. It should also show you the business you are trying to add and a place to enter the code that you will receive over the phone.

Once you have the code enter it, Google should tell you that you were successful and that your new Free Lawn Care Advertising-Google Maps listing should be live in a short period of time.

That’s it, believe me it is worth the few minutes you just spent especially if you don’t currently have a website live on the net.

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