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Welcome to Spring, Local Lawn Care Customers. After a long and snowy winter, Spring has finally started making an appearance in Cobourg and Hamilton Township.

Snow, like we have not seen in almost seven years in this part of Ontario has melted away. Luckily for our area of the province we had a few thaws and some rain over the winter to keep the almost record number of centimetres of snow to a reasonable depth.

As many of us could hardly wait for it all to disappear and let the warming sun put a smile on our faces and allow a new season to begin.
We at Baxter’s Four Seasons Services Inc. have begun our spring cleanup for the 2009 season and we are progressing through our list of spring customers. even though our starting date was pushed back a full week due to the amount of snow left behind and cooler late March temperatures.

If you are waiting for us to arrive please be patient we will be there shortly to make your property stand out on the street. We will be raking out the dead grass, flower beds and fallen branches from all those wind storms this winter.

If you look around the signs of spring are beginning to sprout up. Now is a great time to get out and enjoy the one of the best seasons our earth has to offer.

Fast forward to the end of May.

The first day of June is now almost here but the weather sure doesn’t seem like it. Here in South central Ontario all of May was very cool and wet. We have already had to mow in the rain to keep up more than once.

May has seen temperatures a bit on the cool side averaging 3 degrees below normal. Cobourg and the surrounding area have seen above average rain fall. This weather pattern ensures that every customer needs to be mowed weekly. It also helps in the pocketbook just as last year was one of the wettest on record.

We are now into January 2010 and this winter in Cobourg Ontario is almost the exact opposite of the last few winters here. With only one snow fall greater than 2″ and most heavy precipitation is falling as rain. It is making it tough to make a living this winter clearing snow. Hope we alot more of the white stuff in February.

Move to forward and Here we are in the second week in March 2010. Well other than 3 days in the last week in February that gave us a total of maybe 6″ of snow we have had a “snowless” winter. As the temperatures were around the freezing point and the fact that Cobourg is on Lake Ontario the snow was all but gone within 3 days of the snow stopping. This looks like it is going to be a winter for the weather records as the lowest total snow accumulation. This does not bode well for the upcoming spring and summer.

Since I have been in the lawn care and snow removal business (more than 18 years) each time there has been an El Nino winter the spring and summer have been extremely warm and dry. As you can imagine this type of weather would not be good for the pocketbook in my type of business. Let’s hope this is not the case!

Giving Local Lawn Care Customers Local Insight

As you can see in the picture above there is basically no snow and this picture was taken on March 7th. If go back to the top of this page you will see what the snowfall has looked like over the previous 2 plus winters during the same time period. This lack of snowfall will not help the soil or the level of the water table in our region. 

Well this newest local lawn care customers update is in the middle of January 2014. The 2013 summer was a good one for lawn care as the rains were frequent and temps were on the cooler to normal side unlike the previous 2 summers which saw some record high temps (almost 45 C with humidity).

This winter so far has been a snowy and more normal to what was around 30 years ago. We had our worst freezing rain event in 40 years. There was almost 3 inches of ice on all driveways and sidewalks. It took 6 salting/sanding responses and a January thaw to get thigs back down to pavement and concrete. Things were harder due to extreme cold temps in which salt would not work as temps were too cold. Forecasters are saying a cooler January and February than normal. Only time will tell …

Here we are in the spring of 2014, after one of hardest winters since 1979. Temps were consistently 10 degrees colder than average and there were many snow squalls in the Cobourg area that came off lake Ontario that are not a normal occurrence.

Hopefully we will move forward into Spring with normal temps and regular rains.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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