Lawn Mower Operator Safety Tips

Lawn Mower Operator Safety Tips will make mowing your lawn a much safer and for some much more comfortable.

Lawn Mower Operator Safety Tips are a steps you (the mower operator) can take that will make mowing your lawn a much safer and for some much more comfortable.

Let’s look at Lawn mower operator safety tips on a body area by body area approach.

Starting from the bottom there is your footwear. I personally wear safety toed work boots because I mow grass on a daily basis and safety is very important. If you want to be safe as well steel toed work boots may also be right for you. (I see many fly by night or under the table lawn mowing business operators just mowing with their running shoes on and it’s these guys that are just asking to loose a foot or some toes) If it seems too much for your situation and you are only cutting a very small lawn that take less than half an hour to mow then going with something a little less may be acceptable (absolutely no open toed footwear).

When it comes to work boots I made sure I bought the most comfortable and lightest work boots I could find. What I eventually found was a boot made by Cofra. They don’t have a steel toe or plate instead they use much lighter and stronger materials (Kevlar) and they still meet all safety regulations. I also don’t buy the shortest boot out there either I buy the hiker boot height (8”) which gives me support just above my ankles for when pushing or trimming hillside or uneven ground.

Next, up from your footwear is the type of clothing you wear to cover the lower half of your body. The safest type of lower body clothing is pants or track pants, the least is shorts.

If you are in the business of mowing lawns day in and day out then you should always be wearing some type of long pants. Pants are comfortable for most seasons but during extremely warm and humid days I find it unbearable to wear long pants and still push a mower all day. At this point I put on a pair of shorts. By wearing shorts you are going to get your body much dirtier and are more susceptible to injury. I don’t wear shorts if I am using a string trimmer. Your legs are at too much risk of rocks or other objects being thrown at your exposed legs. These guidelines should apply to the average home owner as well.

For upper body clothing a short sleeved t-shirt is the minimum amount of clothing necessary. This will protect your shoulders and upper body from the sun and if light colors are worn then a t-shirt will actually keep you cooler than no shirt at all. If at all possible a long sleeve shirt will provide more protection from the sun.

While on the topic of the sun, a sunscreen of with a S.P.F. of 50 or higher should be used to protect your exposed skin on a daily basis if you are mowing or each time you cut your lawn if you are a homeowner. The suns rays are extremely strong and lower S.P.F. sunscreens are not strong enough to offer you the proper protection needed to reduce he chances of developing skin cancer.

Let’s not forget about our hands either, wearing gloves will greatly improve the ability to grip the tools of the trade for long periods of time (metal mower handle, string trimmer or the steering wheel of your lawn tractor/Z.T.R) as gloves will reduce callous forming on your hands that make gripping uncomfortable as well as absorbing excessive vibration made by the above mentioned equipment.

Protective eyewear is a must when it comes to Lawn Mower Operator Safety Tips, the best types of glasses are ones that offer front and side protection from the sun and any debris is the key. Many people just wear sun glasses that protect your eyes only from the front which is better than wearing nothing at all. If you are mowing lawns all day long with a two or three man team where one man is trimming while one or two others are mowing then there is a greater chance of the string trimmer throwing debris at the person mowing nearby.

Following eyewear one of the last but not the least Lawn Care Operator Safety Tip involves your head. Wearing a hat is also a must, protecting you from the suns rays, improving your ability to see what you’re mowing or trimming.

This may come in the form of a ball cap if you are wearing ear muffs or a wide brimmed fishing type hat if you only wearing ear plugs. When it comes to choosing a color for your hat try to purchase one in a lighter color (earth tones such as tan or kaki) and stay away from black if possible as it will attract the heat from the sun and make you feel hotter.

Lastly, don’t forget about your hearing, WHAT! , I said don’t forget about your hearing. Wearing some form of hearing protection is as important as protective footwear. You have a choice between ear muffs that surround the outside of your ears or ear plugs which fit into your ear cavity therefore blocking any excessive noise caused by your mower, string trimmer or rider from entering your eardrums.

Make sure you take these Lawn Mower Operator Safety Tips into consideration the next time you go out to mow your lawn (or anyone else’s) they will make the act of caring for your lawn a much safer and enjoyable experience.

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