“Do It Yourself Lawn Care”

“Do It Yourself Lawn Care”, Watering, Seeding, Fertilizing, Aeration and Proper Mowing Techniques are the Essential Procedures to Master

Ok. Team, here we are at the page in the playbook that gives us an overview about “Do It Yourself Lawn Care” procedures.

Coach “G” here, All these procedures need to be reviewed for you to defend your lawn.

These procedures when done correctly and done at the proper time during the season (spring, summer, fall or winter) will strengthen and maintain the health of your lawn. It will make it harder for weeds to invade your lawn.

The simplest thing that you can do is to water your lawn . Yeah I know its sounds so easy but there are certain ways to get the most from every drop.

Next, an easy procedure known as seeding your lawn and should be done annually or semi-annually depending on your grass season type. Warm season grasses in the early spring and spring or fall for cool season grasses.

Another relatively simple procedure is to fertilize your lawn . Now I know some of you may be afraid to for fear of burning your lawn because you applied too much before but, there are rock-solid trouble-free ways to ensure you do it right.

This next course of action requires specialized equipment but can still be accomplished by most you; it is called aeration and is very beneficial to your lawn by itself but even more so when in combination with seeding.

And last but not least mowing your lawn which we already do but there are proper ways of mowing to get a superior looking lawn.

Once you’ve reviewed these “Do It Yourself Lawn Care” procedures you will find that performing any or all of these different tasks is doable, on the way to improving and maintaining the Health of Your Lawn.

“Keep It Simple to Succeed” lets get out there and make our lawns healthy and green!

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