Lawn Care Price in 2011

Don’t set your Lawn Care Price in 2011 too low. As many of you newcomers to the lawn mowing business this year (and there are a lot of you) will fall into the trap that you must be the cheapest guy out there to get the job.

Not true, price for some lawn customers might be the only consideration but the majority of these potential customers will put just as much or more importance on the dependability and the quality of the job being performed.

By undercutting each other (and your bottom line) we are only hurting ourselves. If you have an hourly rate (or a per job rate that you know that you must meet to stay profitable hold you line.

You may not get those cheap customers out there whose only concern is price, let the other guy have them. At the end of the year when he does his profit and loss statement he won’t find any profit.

If you want to stay in the lawn mowing business you will need to stay profitable. Remember all of these new businesses that have popped up this year to make a quick buck won’t be here next year so don’t lower your business to their level.

Another point to keep in mind is that those new competitors that started in 2011 with extremely low prices have not run their businesses during those high fuel cost times like we did the last couple of years.

Keep these important thoughts in mind and Don’t set your Lawn Care Price in 2011 in too low.

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